Is True Caller Safe : Let’s Check Deep Inside

Is Truecaller Safe?

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller acts as a caller identification system in addition to blocking spam that can be found via the App Store and Google Play.

The app can identify the caller and assist in blocking any text messages that are not yours. It’s possible to search for phone numbers by using the Truecaller application to find out who’s calling and whether or not it is spam.

The Truecaller app was created in the end of 2009 in Stockholm. According to the website of its creator it is used by a customer base of 320 million with 500 million installed apps along with 10 billion calls that are blocked and analyzed.

Truecaller is a no-cost application to download. its basic functions including calling numbers as well as spam phone blocking and spam filtering are available for free. There are however premium plans that offer additional choices.

Truecaller offers an advertisement-supported and free application. You can eliminate ads by purchasing a premium subscription. Premium memberships offer more protection against nuisance calls and the capacity to check if someone has utilized the app to trace your telephone number.

Is Truecaller Safe?

Is Truecaller Safe?

Truecaller is safe to utilize. Some hold a belief that the personal information in their phone books is shared with Truecaller. But this is not the reality. Truecaller will provide you with your entire information once you log into their app.

But, they may also request numbers be provided to them if the number has not yet been registered in the system of Truecaller. When you’ve shared your updated information with them, the number becomes accessible to all.

In another instance, I’d like to say that Truecaller could be extremely efficient and safe to use. But, make sure you go through the steps as well as the pop-up message at the time of installation and every time you utilize it again in the future.

Personal Data Truecaller Collects

  • Geo-location.
  • It’s your IP Address.
  • Device ID or unique identifier.
  • Manufacturer and type of device.
  • The settings for hardware and devices.
  • Use for SIM cards.
  • Applications are installed on the phone.
  • IDs used to promote.
  • Information about the advertisement.
  • Operating system.
  • Web browsers, which include those web pages that you visit and the features you use to access them via the Search engine.
  • Details about the connection.
  • Resolution of the display.
  • Email ID.
  • It is possible to access the web address for the device’s book.
  • The device’s logs and details about the events.
  • Metadata and Keywords from calls which are both outgoing as well as inbound messages.

Additionally, Truecaller also collects some details automatically using cookies like your preferred language, login details, or unusual activity on sites to help you stay safe in addition to other functions.

App Features:

The Caller Identification: A Caller ID can identify who is calling from any region of the world. It also blocks unwanted calls as well as telephone numbers for telemarketing. The system also records the number of all communications. Users can identify the names of numbers that are not identified within call logs. An additional feature to allow call recording has been introduced. The feature can record important phone calls and then save them on the mobile phone.

Chat: It is a feature that has been added recently. The app can chat with your family members and your friends. It allows you to share your location as well as emoticons, your current status, and your location instantaneously to your family as well as your friends. To keep your previous Truecaller app information, it is possible to back up your contact history and call history and settings the settings on Google Drive.

Truecaller Payment: This service is not yet available in all other countries. The feature is available currently only in India through the UPI Payouts settings.

Truecaller Gold/Premium: For removing ads out of the application Users can upgrade to the premium version. Additionally, it offers the following advantages:

  • Recording of calls for the phones.
  • You will be able to track who you have had on your account.
  • View profiles privately.

Truecaller App Cons:

It’s a web browser that operates in an online mode. It requires connecting to Wi-Fi networks or using mobile data, which must be enabled.

When Truecaller keeps names that do not match, it will display them incorrectly. This is why it shows inaccurate names on the display.

After a user changes their number to the other, however, their initial number will be in the user’s identity, unless removed by the Truecaller database.

What is the Best Way to Utilize Truecaller Without Compromising Your Privacy

The issue of unidentified calls is quite common, and a lot of people utilize applications such as Truecaller.

Thus, we have the option of getting all the details of calls that aren’t known, without divulging personal details to Truecaller.

  • Create a brand new Gmail account. Do not connect it with another account.
  • Go to the Truecaller website on your computer or laptop then sign in with your Gmail account. Google Mail account.
  • If you need to find a particular number, type in the number on your laptop or computer. Log in with your newly created Gmail account.
  • Do not forget to erase all information in your Gmail account, such as an image number, mobile phone, or even a number, or link your phone number to your Gmail account.
  • Important: Don’t try this on your mobile device. Keep in mind the limitation is 5-10 numbers. The information you need about all of this is on their website.


In the end, you can choose to follow either of these two views. As your personal information is in the system for a long time before you realize it, without being able to speak regarding it, it’s appropriate to use the benefits of this system to return and to bring the power of your smartphone with names and numbers as well as caller ID and blocking. In contrast, you might want to completely avoid the system and remove your phone number.


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