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Revo Technologies Murray Utah

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What is Revo Technologies Murray Utah?

Revo Technologies is a computer solutions and IT services provider located in Murray, Utah. They specialize in customized computer solutions for both home and corporate clients.

Key Details About Revo Technologies:

Services and Focus: Revo Technologies initially started by providing home computers, but over the years, they have shifted their focus to corporate system setup and team operations. They offer high-end servers, computers, and workstation solutions for growing businesses.

Additional Information:

  • They specialize in desktop, notebook, and server computer solutions.
  • Their knowledgeable sales team assists with questions before making a purchase.
  • Revo Technologies provides technical support, diagnostics, repair services, and upgrades for major computer brands.

Other Services Offered by Revo Technologies:

Consulting: Revo Technologies works closely with clients to understand their business processes and recommends and implements innovative solutions.

Architecture: They design, implement, and maintain IT infrastructure for organizations, including software, networks, and databases.

Development: Revo Technologies specializes in designing, developing, testing, and implementing custom software to meet client requirements.

Maintenance: Regularly inspecting, updating, repairing, and optimizing systems to enhance performance, reliability, and lifespan.

Expert Team: Their diverse team includes experts in various fields such as software development, web development, cybersecurity, network and infrastructure management, and project management.


  1. Managed IT Service: Indicating the fact that Revo Technologies offers managed IT services can be advantageous because many companies seek regular support and upkeep.
  2. Cloud Computing Solutions: Including information on Revo Technologies’ offerings related cloud computing solutions might be pertinent, since numerous businesses are moving to cloud-based services for increased scaling and flexibility.
  3. Cybersecurity Solutions: In light of the significance of cybersecurity in the present digital world, including particular cybersecurity solutions or products offered from Revo Technologies would be valuable.
  4. data backup and disaster recovery: Companies are more concerned about security of their data as well as disaster recovery options. When Revo Technologies offers such services and is mentioned within the article.
  5. Industries Specializations: In the event that Revo Technologies specializes in serving certain industries like finance, healthcare and education It could be helpful to include these verticals in the article.
  6. Certifications or Partnerships: Partnerships or Certifications Revo Technologies has partnerships with top technology firms or holds accreditations relevant to the area (such such as Microsoft Certified Partner), using these credentials may increase its credibility.
  7. Geographical coverage: In addition to Murray, Utah, mentioning the other areas or cities that Revo Technologies provides services could increase the reach of its customers.
  8. Competitive Differentiators: Highlighting the things that set Revo Technologies apart from competitors in terms of customized customer care, speedy responses, or innovative technology, will help you attract new customers.

Contacting Revo Technologies:

To get in touch with Revo Technologies, you have a few options:

Phone: You can reach them by phone at (801) 890-5400.

Email: For general inquiries, you can email them at

  • If you’re in Poland, you can also contact their subsidiary, Revo Technologies Sp. z o. o. via email at

Website: Visit their website: Revo Technologies.

Location: Address: 139 E 6100 S, Salt Lake City, UT, 84107 (Note that the address is in Salt Lake City, which is close to Murray, Utah). Phone Number: (801) 890-5400.

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Revo Technologies Murray Utah Reviews and Insights:

Here are some reviews and insights related to Revo Technologies:

Revopoint Mini 2 3D Scanner Review:

  • The Revopoint Mini 2 is a 3D scanner that offers accurate, high-detail scans of small objects.
  • It’s user-friendly, making it suitable for beginners, but also provides depth for those who want more control over their scans.
  • The scanner produces scans that accurately reflect real-world objects in terms of quality, details, and dimensional accuracy.
  • While it excels at scanning small objects, it struggles with featureless or color objects.
  • Overall, it’s a great mid-range 3D scanner for various applications, including jewelry making, industrial reverse engineering, and figurine production. Reviews:

  • Unfortunately, I couldn’t find specific reviews for Revo Technologies on their official website.
  • However, you can explore other sources or platforms to find user reviews and feedback.

Trust Score:

  • The website has a very low trust score of only 3%.

Revo SuperSystem Review:

  • The Revo SuperSystem is an all-in-one audio system known for its excellent build quality and extensive features.
  • Its audio performance is well-rounded, making it suitable for various music genres.
  • Overall, it’s a strong contender in the audio system market.

Employee Reviews:

  • According to Glassdoor, there are five reviews for Revo Technologies from employees.
  • Unfortunately, the specific content of these reviews is not provided.

Customer Reviews: Revo Technologies has received positive reviews, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on 65 reviews.

How Employees of Revo Technologies Can Help:

Innovation and Creativity:

  • In your job, you are able to introduce new ideas and concepts to the group table. Find out what’s new, research techniques, and suggest creative ideas.
  • Team up with your colleagues to brainstorm ideas and design innovative solutions or products.

Customer-Centric Approach:

  • Be aware of the demands of your clients. If you’re working in marketing, development, or customer service, put a priority on your customers’ satisfaction.
  • Take note of your feedback, listen attentively to improve your products.

Technical Excellence:

  • If you’re on your technical group, you must strive to achieve excellence in the work you do. Create clean code, improve performance and be up to date on industry trends.
  • Help junior developers mentor and give your experience.

Effective Communication:

  • Effective communication is vital. When it comes to writing documents in presenting your ideas or working with teams of cross-functional people Be clear and precise.
  • Create a positive working environment through being polite and friendly.

Problem-Solving Skills:

  • There are challenges in every organization. Learn to solve problems effectively.
  • Examine issues, suggest solutions and collaborate to conquer challenges.

Adaptability and Learning:

  • Technology changes rapidly. Be flexible and adaptable to change.
  • Take part in conferences, workshops, or online courses to increase your abilities.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

  • Nobody can achieve their goals on their own. Be a good team player.
  • Enjoy wins with friends and help one another through tough moments.

Ethical Behavior:

  • Maintain ethical standards Honesty, transparency, and integrity create trust.
  • Be respectful of confidentiality and treat sensitive information in a manner that is responsible.


Revo Technologies, based in Murray Utah, provides tailored IT solutions to corporations.

Their shift from home computers to corporate systems setup and operation reflects the ability of Revo Technologies to adapt.

Revo Technologies, located conveniently in Salt Lake City near Murray, provides servers, workstations, and computers of high quality for businesses that are growing.

The positive reviews from customers and their high ranking attests to the company’s commitment to providing a quality service.

Revo Technologies also offers an extensive range of services, including architecture, development and maintenance.

This is supported by a team of experts who are proficient in many fields. They are committed to helping clients succeed in an ever-changing digital environment.

Revo Technologies offers multiple ways to contact them, including by phone, via email and through their website. Although there may not be many reviews of Revo Technologies on some platforms, their innovative products like the Revopoint Mini 2 and Revo SuperSystem sound system demonstrate their dedication to innovation and quality. Before making a decision, customers might want to look at other sources of feedback.


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