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Tech Decks is a tiny hand-held fingerboard, that allows users to skateboard and perform maneuvers wherever they want.

It is constructed of plastic and measures about similar to the size of a credit card. Four wheels on it are joined to the deck with aluminum axles.

The deck can be controlled with your fingers to move the deck and allow it to go in various directions.

Tech Decks are a favorite of children and adults who love skating. Tech Decks are an excellent opportunity to test your abilities as well as learn new tricks.

If you’re interested in buying a Tech Deck There are several places where you can locate these. They can be purchased online or from the local skateboard shop. They are also available in a few toy shops and department shops.


Tech decks are mini skateboard similar to credit cards.

A majority of the Technology Decks include two wheels: One in the front, and another at the back. They’re made of plastic.

The first Tech Decks came out during the second half of 1990. Soon they received praise from skaters.

They give a more realistic skater’s experience than conventional fingerboards and are much less susceptible to breaking in the course of tricks.



There’s no standard solution to this issue one way or another since the ideal Tech Decks for you will be based on your desires and requirements.

But, we can limit the choices through a close look at a few of the sought-after options in the marketplace.

One of the most well-known tech decks brands is Flip. They are renowned for their top-quality build and attention to detail.

However, they are quite costly If you’re looking to buy trying to stay within your budget, you may prefer to shop elsewhere.

Another option to consider is Black River Fingerboards. The boards are made well and provide a great quality for the cost.

Mastering Tech Deck Tricks

1. Ollie

The ollie is the most fundamental technique for skateboarding and the same is true when it comes to tech decks. The tail is popped off of the deck, while sliding your hands across the grip tape, making it leap into the air.

2. Kickflip

When you’ve got your ollie down, attempt the kickflip. The trick is to flip the board around the length, while high in the air. Practice makes perfect!

3. Heelflip

Like the kickflip the heelflip involves turning the board around 360 degrees, however, this time in the width of the board. It’s an elegant and stylish technique that’s sure to impress all your pals.

4. Fingerflip

Create your own unique ideas using the Fingerflip. Turn your deck of tech 360 degrees when it’s suspended floating in the air with your fingertips. The key is finesse and precision.

5. Grinds and Slides

Tech decks are also able to grind and slide across a variety of materials, similar to their larger counterparts. Explore various angles and surfaces to discover what you are able to accomplish.

What are the Toughest Tips for Fingers?

The concept of preference is still significant when rating fingerboard techniques in order of difficulty.

It could be difficult to discern the skills that fall under intermediate fingerboard techniques.

However, one of the toughest tricks to master is the 360. These are the two other tricks and techniques from the tech decks instructional.

  • Heelflip: The opposite of kickflips that require you to move off the boards away from your.
  • Laser Flip is a mix of a shuvit as well as a heelflip that has a complete 360-degree rotation.

What Number of Fingerboard Techniques do you have?

There isn’t a set of only two or ten fingerboard moves that we could do. I found a website that explains how 120 finger-skating tricks can be done.

The majority of tricks are variations of the original design. Then came innovation and invention from the original tricks which were modified to include more variations.


Fingerboards are miniature skateboards. This doesn’t suggest that we shouldn’t be able to enjoy them like we enjoy larger skateboards. The tricks skaters perform with 8-inch boards aren’t more or less possible on the fingerboard.

You should be able to comprehend each stage of the trick and track their development. The best part is the availability of video tutorials that can help you. Also, with this finger-skateboard tricks checklist, knowing what to do next cannot ever be as difficult.


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